How people make network in Bratislava and around the world

After five months in Bratislava I had the possibility to enter inside the Bratislava international network where I saw how people help each other sharing information to look for a flat, to learn another language or to look for another job.

I didn’t need so much time to enter in this network, I was already part of it the evening after my first work day.

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CouchSurfing is a website where everybody can ask or give hospitality to foreign people and here in Bratislava this community is very active. Every week the CouchSurfers choice a different pub to meet each other to drink a beer, sometimes they organize a barbecue other time a trip around Europe. During my first meeting I was already sharing my experiences, why I was there, what is Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs and I was explain them how they could apply for this European program. I met people that were working in different companies, I listened to their job experiences and after some time I received also some referral for a couple of job position.

Another good association is called Toastmaster, where people learn how to speak in front of the public and how they can do an Elevator pitch.


Here somebody prepares a presentation for a specific topic and the other members help the speaker to improve his performance, suggesting how to improve body language, voice tone and slides. There is also a game where somebody choices a topic at the moment and somebody else has to improvise a presentation.

In this last months a took part also in InterNations, in three different cities: Dublin, Bratislava and Vienna.


InterNations is a big international community where people can share interests with others and meet in the real life. In Dublin and Bratislava I took part to some dinner and some party where, like in Couchsurfing, I had the possibility to present myself and share information. I like so much this association because in every big city there are different business group where Recruiters or Employers write about new job positions or some business opportunity. In this way it is possible speak directly with somebody inside the company instead that receive an impersonal answer by email.

In Vienna I took part at one of this business meeting where people changed their business cards trying to understand how they can collaborate together. The organizer had not just one but three different business card!!! In this occasion I had the possibility to speak one hour about a business idea that I had in my mind and listen different opinions and different points of view.  This group, called “Vienna Entrepreneurs Group“, now is organizing a very interesting and educational event where people can share one business case and discuss together about it.

The event is the following:

Dear group members, I’ve had this idea for a while, but because of the summer period and after-vacation zeitgeist – never had time for this. So I am arranging a series of meetings where we will work as teams on specific business cases. If you have a business issue, case and challenging situation for your business, you sen send me the problem statement and I might choose it for our team work. The Problem statement should include all the relevant data: market/competitive landscape, pricing, costs, consumer insights, legal and other factors, and of course your problem and goal. The idea is for the team to work on the case and thus sharpen analytical skills, team work, generate more ideas. If you want to participate as a team member, also please write to me. I will facilitate the process and discussion. It’s completely free. Please write to me by the 10th of October and the meeting will take place in the second part of October in my office in the 1st district but during the day, most probably on Friday. If there are too many people we will arrange more meetings. The purpose is purely educational and developmental, not commercial. I will also try to ensure that the team is diverse and functional .

The idea of this article is just to invite people to make network and make new experiences, I really hope that could be useful to somebody.

Simone Mastrogiacomo



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